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A Year of Repression and Resistance. . 18 July Chalo Manesar !

June 24, 2013


Reg. No. 1923

IMT Manesar, Gurgaon

Ref. No. G/6/13                                                                                   Date: 23/06/2013


Friends and Comrades,

18th July will mark a year of this phase of our movement when we have been tempered in the hearth of struggle against exploitation and repression. While earlier from June 2011 we have been forced to struggle against the anti-worker policies of the management of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Manesar, in the entire period of this last year, we have had to struggle against the countless instances of the entire government machinery acting in collusion with the management to repress our interests and voice.

18th July marks a year without behind bars for our 147 brothers who are in Gurgaon Jail. Not a single one of them have been granted bail either in the lower or High Court which rejected our bail plea on 22nd May 2013. It marks a year when 66 of our brothers have been continuously witch-hunted with the sword of non-bailable arrest warrants. It marks of disregarding our appeals for an impartial investigation into the unfortunate death due to conspiracy of the pro-worker manager, Shri Awanish Kr Dev, and against all constitutional norms, of painting us as criminals and ‘ultras’ without any fair hearing to us, at the tune of the propaganda machine of the company’s version of events.

It marks a year when 2300 of us have been forced out of our jobs without any enquiry, for merely raising our voice against injustice done to us. It marks a year thus, when thousands of families have been devastated economically socially for the mere crime of raising our voice for our legitimate rights. While we have adopted all available peaceful, constitutional and democratic means to raise our demands, it has marked a year of government insensitivity, nay repression, on our legitimate demands.

18th July also marks a year when no dharna or rally or even mere pamphlet distribution, all within ambit of our democratic rights, have been allowed in the industrial area of Manesar. This area has been turned into a militarized zone where workers can be exploited at will and the capitalists can openly flout all labour law norms of the country. This is the exploitation of us and all workers in the area especially the contract workers, against which we had dared to raise our united voice for which we are being punished. After the 57-day dharna and 8-day hunger strike in Kaithal, Haryana on 18-19th May, we and our family members and sympathizers were brutally lathicharged and 111 arrested, of which 10 workers and trade unionists and sympathizers still languish in Kaithal Jail. We are now not even been allowed any space to put up a dharna under the pretext of this being ‘against public interest’.

In our General Body meeting on 23rd June 2013 in Gurgaon, we the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union have decided to mark this 18th July with the call of ‘Manesar Chalo’. To make the deaf ears of the government hear, we will mark this date by starting an indefinite sit-in demonstration and hunger strike in Manesar. We will campaign throughout this month leading up to 18th July across Haryana, and take the struggle to the centre of struggle of our worker brothers and sisters in Manesar, Gurgaon. We appeal to workers, organizations and all sections of society to join us on this date in Manesar and organize solidarity actions before and on 18th July across the country, so that we can register the united voice of workers, and other sections of society.

Our demands are:

1. Immediately reinstate the illegally terminated workers of Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant, Suzuki Powertrain India plant and Suzuki Motorcycles India plant.

2. Take back all the fabricated criminal cases against Maruti Suzuki workers and immediately release 147 workers. Quash all cases against the 10 activists in Kaithal. Immediately release all workers and activists.


Inquilab Zindabad!      Mazdoor Ekta Zindabad!

Provisional Working Committee

Maruti Suzuki Workers Union

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