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Rally on 1st June against repression. .Call for Justice Convention on 11 June

June 6, 2013

Maruti Suzuki Workers Union

Reg. No. 1923

IMT Manesar, Gurgaon


Ref No. K/6/13                                                                                               Date: 5/6/2013


On 1st June 2013, we rallied through the Kaithal town to the D.C. Office where we had sat on dharna for 57 days from March 24th before we were repressed by the police on 18-19th May 2013 through brutal lathi-charge and water cannons on workers and our parents and relatives. We called for the immediate quashing of fabricated cases against the 11 workers and activists who are in Kaithal Jail, along with the release of 147 arrested workers in Gurgaon Jail and reinstatement of terminated workers. This has proved and we will continue to prove that however much the government has tried to repress our movement, we have come up with renewed strength on the basis of the legitimacy of our struggle and solidarity of our fellow workers and common toiling people. Even on 1st June, when we reached the Mini Secretariat, Kaithal, a huge posse of over 2000 armed policemen swiftly came to threaten and surround us, and again imposed Section 144 from which has become a tool of its pocket. A letter from the D.C. said that we could not be allowed to sit on dharna again keeping ‘peoples’ welfare’ in mind. It is ironic that the administration calls ‘capitalists welfare’ for which it continues to work, the ‘peoples’ welfare’. We however continued our rally and protest demonstration in front of the DC office on 1st June.


Calling capitalists welfare, the peoples welfare is the same perverted logic in addition to ‘threat to public security and machinery’ that the administration has continued to not allow us any space in Manesar or Gurgaon where we wanted to stage protest demonstration, dharna or pamphlet distribution. Our basic democratic rights are continued to be brutally repressed even when our means have been completely peaceful. This is the situation which all workers in the region who continuously work under immense exploitation in the factories face in the hands of the government when they raise their voice.


We have decided to call for a Justice Convention, a Nyay Adhikar Sammelan on 11th June 2013 in Jawahar Park, Kaithal and appeal to all to join us against this combined brutal repression on our movement by the Maruti management and police-administration of Haryana. We will organize campaigns in the towns and villages in the region for this. The government has exposed itself in the face of our tenacity to speak the truth in the face of repression. The workers in Gurgaon-Manesar-Dharuhera industrial region and the common toiling people of Haryana where we have taken jatthas staged dharnas and led campaigns know this anti-people character of the government, which works with toeing the line set by Maruti and other managements of the capitalists. It is with this strength that in the face of all exploitation and repression, we have and will continue with our struggle in gathering strength. We appeal to all to join us on 11th June in solidarity and organize solidarity actions.


Provisional Working Committee

Maruti Suzuki Workers Union

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