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Press Release by various mass organizations on the 5th day of our Indefinite Hunger Strike

April 1, 2013


Press Release                                                                                                       Date: 01.04.2013


Kaithal: Hundreds of people led by Jan Sangharsh Manch Haryana, Inquilabi Mazdoor Kendra, Krantikari Naujawan Sabha, MNREGA Mazdoor Union, Bigul Mazdoor Dasta, Nirman Karya Shramik Union, PUDR, Samata Mulak Mahila Sangathan, Stree Mazdoor Sangathan, Lal Jhanda Bhatta Mazdoor Sangathan, Lok Swaraj Sangathan, Chatr Sangathan SOSD and others went to meet the Deputy Commissioner of Kaithal to reiterate the demands of the fasting workers. However the DC flatly refused to come out and meet the people. At this the demonstrating workers came to the DC’s office and joined the dharna. The mass organizations and other people gathered there being highly disappointed by the DC and the entire distric administration’s indifferent behaviour decide to continue their demonstration in front of the DC’s office itself. The speakers also strongly condemned the attempts by the administration to move the workers form the site of their protest and the pressing of false charges on them of illegally occupying the plot and threatening to kill the land owner. Only after 3 hours of sitting before his office did the DC come out to meet us. Given the massive pressure from the workers, he acceded to dismissing the cases filed against the workers in the course of investigation. He also instructed the SP to do the same and publicly granted the workers permission to continue their Indefinite Hunger Strike and demonstration in front of the DC office. The speakers said that minister Randeep Surjewala and the state was trying to break the hunger strike with the help of the police administration and congratulated the unwavering perseverance with which the workers were continuing their struggle. The ministers and the state have been acting blind and deaf to all the demands of the workers. The Maruti management has in an extremely conspiratorial manner falsely framed the workers with the help of the police and landed 147 innocent workers in jail and has also got non-bailable warrants issued against 66 others. The workers are demanding that the Haryana administration dismisses the case fabricated against them and institutes a fresh high-level unbiased and fair enquiry into the incident. The question remains, as to why the Haryana administration is so reluctant and afraid to institute such an enquiry. The answer is evident in that the administration too appears complicit in this conspiracy along with the company management and the corrupt police. Randeep Huda, who never tires of singing the tune of “Number One” Haryana is unable to see the hundreds of workers who have been forced on to the streets to starve by Maruti. Instead he only has eyes for the looting Japanese capitalist Maruti. The workers who earned the company profits running into millions have been punished for demanding their constitutional right of forming a union by taking their jobs.            

The speakers warned the state administration and minister Randeep Surjewala that if the legitimate demands of the workers were not met and the matter not sorted out at the soonest then the administration will have to face dire consequences. The speakers also said that all the mass organizations, trade unions, student, workers and women’s organization will raise the issue at the state level if the government did not accept the workers demands and took the necessary steps immediately. The demonstrators also called upon the public to stand with the workers of Maruti in their struggle.  


Released by:
various mass organisations

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