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An Appeal to Workers and Masses from Maruti Suzuki Workers Union

October 27, 2012

(click here for: recent Hindi parcha of maruti suzuki workers union- MSWU)


Friends and Comrades,

We are issuing this appeal to you today when we continue to face the severest repression by the powerful nexus of the management of Maruti Suzuki, IMT Manesar and the Haryana government. While earlier, misrepresentation of our struggle was rampant, now the attempt is to subdue our struggle through silence on one side and repression on the other. The Maruti Suzuki management has, as per plan, not only terminated 546 permanent workers at one go without any domestic inquiry process, but has also unceremoniously thrown out the around 200 apprentice workers and a huge section of almost 2000 contractual workers. While the company is falsely going about town with claims of abolishing of contractual labour system, increase in pay, etc, while the reality points to its opposite- it has and continues to attack us daily for raising our united voice against its injustices and has increased its exploitation.

Our struggle is an expression of discontent against the daily exploitation and humiliation imposed upon us by the management of Maruti Suzuki, Manesar. We are struggling for our just demands guaranteed in the Indian Constitution and labour laws in the country. Since our struggle began, we have tried to express our discontent through a collective united voice. We have forged unity among permanent and contract workers and have the struggle against the insecurity of contractual labour utmost in our struggles, and this is precisely what the company, which believes in ‘divide and rule’, is against. We are the same workers who have, since 2006, with back-breaking toil, have propped up the company’s profits and scripted its success story which it wears with such pride. We are the same workers who have spent all our time and our overtime to build the best-selling models of the company. Is such production possible without any allegiance and commitment to the work and the company? Since 2006, even those workers who have been awarded with ‘best worker’ status and ‘gold medals’ by the same company are now being accused of being ‘mindless criminals’- can these same workers ‘mindlessly’ set fire to the company as has become common knowledge scripted only by the management’s side of events? Is it believable that these same workers, who when were merely receiving the bare minimum wage, had not resorted to any violence- how could we now go ‘berserk’ (as the company-versions everywhere say)?

Today more than 160 of our innocent brothers are languishing in Gurgaon Central Jail for the last 3 and a half months, and continue to suffer the various atrocities and humiliations imposed on them by the police. Our family members and relatives are also continued to be harassed by the police. Among those in Gurgaon Central Jail include the entire leadership of our MARUTI SUZUKI WORKERS UNION body- Ram Meher (President), Sarabjeet Singh (General Secretary), Sandeep Dhillon (Chief Patron), Ajmer (Legal Advsior), Amarjeet, Ram Bilas, Suresh Dhul (Cashier), Pawan (Secretary), Sohan (Vice President), Pardeep, Yogesh, Dhanraj, who are portrayed as ‘killers’ even without any due impartial investigation, and having a complete silence on the role played by the company management in the incident of violence on 18 July 2012.

Along with the injustices that the company management heaps upon us, our own representatives who should be listening to the people who elect them, are competing among themselves to show how loyal they are to the company, whatever happens to the workers and ordinary people. The Haryana government is completely hand-in-glove with the management of Maruti Suzuki and acting to its tunes, showing clearly whom they represent. The Minister of Industry, State of Haryana, R.S. Surjewala told us point blank in the language we are used to hearing from the management of Maruti Suzuki, that ‘I can’t help you, do whatever you feel you can’, and ‘my job is to take land for the companies and no more’. Even the Chief Minister of Haryana, Bhupinder Singh Hooda spoke in the same tune. We have gone from minister to minister’s doors of ruling and opposition parties, all of whom either express their ‘helplessness’ or say point blank how their interest is tied to the company’s interest and not of the workers. Exiting from the factory, and thrown into such a situation we now realize daily whom these so-called representatives ‘represent’, no matter that it is the laboring common people who vote them to their seats of power.

Friends and Comrades, it is becoming clear to us today, that the profits that we make for the capitalists with our toil and sweat and even at the cost of our dreams and hopes, is the very capital used by them to buy off the political leaders and the political system and suppress us. However, being united in struggle, our movement is growing in strength and tenacity.

We appeal to all workers, trade unions, democratic organisations and concerned individuals to stand in solidarity with our struggle.
We demand that:

  1. Immediately release all the arrested workers. Stop all repressive measures by the police on workers and their family members and relatives.
  2. Immediately reinstate all the 546 terminated workers and also give priority to reinstate temporary workers as permanents.
  3. Institute an independent impartial probe into the incident of 18th July 2012, and into the role of the management in it.
  4. All issues should be settled via tripartite negotiations.

We also request that wherever as our friends and comrades, you have expressed your anger and registered your voice of protest in our support, please do get in touch with us, and send the program details, photographs etc, so we can also feel the inspiration of a common struggle that we much require in the present. We appeal to all concerned to come join us in solidarity, and also intensify the struggles in your own areas.

Mazdoor Ekta Zindabad !                                                                  Inquilab Zindabad !

-issued on behalf of the Provisional Working Committee, Maruti Suzuki Workers Union (MSWU),
since the entire leadership of MSWU is presently lodged in Gurgaon Central Jail

Imaan Khan, Ram Niwas, O. P. Jat, Katar Singh, Yogesh, Raj Pal, Mahabir Dhiman


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  1. Ashok permalink
    May 27, 2013 10:12 am

    In all this nonsense, not one word of apology or regret for the life of the man you killed, Awanish Kumar Dev. You burnt his body beyond recognition. His name is not even mentioned in any of your posts. Where is your sense of shame?

    • June 14, 2013 7:56 pm

      dear mr ashok,

      we have said in all our posts, how the killing of mr awanish kumar dev is a conspiracy of the top management and he was killed as part of crushing our voice, which he had helped us in raising. Mr Dev was instrumental in getting our Union, MSWU registered finally on 1 March 2012 after prolonged struggle in 2011. So he was pro-worker and close to us. He had problems with the top management and we know of the fact that he had given in his resignation to the top manegement himself six months prior to the incident of 18th July 2012 when he was killed. We have reasons to believe that he unfortunately died due to a conspiracy hatched by the management, who wanted to kill two birds with one stone. It has rather ended up killing thousands of lives with that stone as the terminations and jailed terms and repression on workers families for the past one year has shown. We have in all our pamphlets and memorandums to the ministers and administration asked for an independent impartial probe into the incident of 18th July, and that the management’s role in this be investigated- if we were criminals as the entire lynch mob drenched in company propaganda calls us, why would we consistently raise such a demand?
      the shame in this case needs to be the company’s, which has of course been wiped out in the cold calculations of profit of the company which we workers with our honest dedicated work have helped it create over the years.


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